Whether you need a relief from body pain, increase your energy level, elevate your mood or just simply relax, an essential oil diffuser offers you all of these benefits at once. When this device is used along with essential oils, it can prove itself to be a very beneficial to your lifestyle.

How Essential Oil Diffusers Work

An essential oil diffuser breaks down essential oil into tiny particles thus changing the oil into its vapor state. This method is known as diffusion. Once the oil is diffused, it slowly and gradually scatters into the air. If you are present in a room with an essential oil diffuser switched on, you will be able to smell the aroma of the oils while you breathe. This aroma helps you calm down and the beneficial properties of essential oils work wonders for your whole body.

However, one needs to ensure that the diffuser along with the essential oils is of premium quality since these things are to do with your personal health and the health of the ones around you. The low-quality essential oils are readily available in the market at much cheaper prices but they contain very harmful chemicals and synthetics that can severely harm the body.

Common mistakes


Although the uses of essential oils are many, most people make certain common mistakes which should be avoided at all cost. Let’s look at some of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not following user guideline


Most people think just purchasing an essential oil diffuser and pouring the oil into it is enough. However, it is not. A user guide manual comes with it for a reason. It educates the user about the best way to use and maintain the device and also covers every other detail.

Not following the manual jeopardizes the operation and efficiency of the diffuser thus yielding less effective or sometimes negative results. Please read the guide thoroughly before using the diffuser and follow every little detail diligently.

Assuming facts about the diffuser and essential oils

pic of 4 essential oils

People generally assume that investing in a really expensive diffuser is what needs to be done to achieve maximum results. What they should know is that the diffuser is the medium for diffusing the essential oils and aroma into the air. It does not add any beneficial properties to the diffused particles. Therefore, it is actually the essential oil that must be purchased keeping in mind the best quality.

Using low-grade essential oils with top notch diffusers may have its own consequences. Furthermore, some diffusers only work with specific essential oils. Thus, the usage of suitable oils needs to be ensured.

Not properly maintaining an essential oil diffuser

Keeping the diffuser clean on a regular basis is very important. As with everything, even the diffuser maintenance process can seem like a challenge at first but you will get used to it as time passes. You do not need to hire someone to clean it for you, just read the user manual and cleaning will become a cakewalk.

It is very important to go through the user manual since the maintenance process for each diffuser varies from another. Maintaining the essential oil diffuser on a regular basis will offer you maximum effectiveness with the diffusion of your aromatherapy. While cleaning, make sure you change the filters and drain the water carefully especially if you are using a portable diffuser since it is prone to be dropped.

Keep in mind that, wrong methods of cleaning can lead to health problems such as a congested nose or dry skin.

Not cleaning after each use

Even though cleaning after each and every user can seem too much, most manufacturers highly recommend cleaning the device after every use. This guarantees maximum effectiveness with respect to diffusion of pure vapor from the essential oils.

Only a handful of people actually clean their diffuser after every use and even they fail to clean it in the proper way as instructed in the user manual. This wrong method of cleaning leaves the essential oil and water mixed up within the diffuser. It is this mixture of essential oil and water that is very harmful for the diffuser because essential oil is very corrosive. Cleaning the device on a regular basis ensures its longevity and optimum performance.

Another very strong reason to clean the diffuser is when you are changing the type of essential oil. The left over particles and smell of the old oil will mix with the newly poured oil thus giving a mixed smell and not the original smell and aroma of the new oil. Therefore, empty out the diffuser off all oils as well as water and clean up after each use. Finally dry it up by wiping with a soft, clean and dry cloth.

Using the wrong diffusers with specific oils

Although there are some diffusers out there which only work with specific oils being prone to only specific oils which are disastrous. Use a versatile diffuser with a mixture of oils since this will offer well-rounded health benefits. Being over exposed to specific oil can have its side effects. Also, if you use a diffuser for longer periods then choose one with a higher capacity so that it lasts longer and serves your needs.

Using low-quality oils

Most people make the mistake of using the wrong kind of diffuser and then blame it on the device’s effectiveness. While cheap diffusers may actually be less effective and not last very long, most often the lack of performance is due to the wrong choice of a diffuser.

If you want to use a diffuser for a small room, then, a candle heat diffuser would be perfect for you. If you intend on using the device for a larger area then you need to use an electric diffuser since they are more powerful.

Finally, it is not a certainty that all expensive oils and diffusers are great and their cheaper variants are bad. Since you are going to end up using them, it pays off to do a little research and finally use the one that’s actually good. So, go ahead and benefit yourself from the amazing goodness of diffusers and aromatic essential oils.

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